What is a non-gross, yet still green, alternative to kleenex?



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    This probably qualifies as “gross”, but a handkerchief is the greenest alternative to tissue use. The cloth can be used over and over again with just a simple wash cycle to clean it when necessary, but is still compact and can be carried in a pocket or purse.

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      When we were kids we used to use these all the time, I wonder at what age we start thinking they are “gross” I used to prefer them because your nose never gets sore using a handkerchief.

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    I think that a handkerchief is exactly what qualifies for gross, but yes it is the most green because it is reusable, but its reusable quality is what makes it gross. There are some green kleenex alternative that are made from over 60% recycled paper material and are completely biodegradable. A brand that is producing these facial tissues are Emerald brand Bagasse tissues.

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    I’d have to agree jimbo, a set of handkerchiefs are definitely the greenest way to go. Just make sure to wash them every day. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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