What is no impact education?



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    It began with the No Impact Project, a challenge that Colin Beaven and his family took on for one year in New York City to live without a net impact on the environment.  This turned into a curriculum for teachers that he developed; 5 lesson plans that will help kids think about their impact on the environment and learn about how they can make lifestyle choices that will positively or negatively influence their environment.

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    No Impact education originates from a project developed by Colin Beavan who decided to leave a net zero impact life for a whole year.  He devleoped the No Impact Project, which outlines the details of this lifestyle to allow teachers to bring this type of education into the classroom.  The curriculum helps students see how their their daily lives influences the environment around them. 

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    No impact education is a free curriculm with lesson plans and activities provided to teachers by the people behind the No impact project.  This curriculm is designed to help middle and high school students explore the effects of their everyday as well as the society’s actions on the envrionment, their health and well being.  It will help guide students to take action individually as well as to work with others to bring about positive change on our environmnent.  

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