what is NIMBy



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    NIMBY is an acronym that stands for “Not In My BackYard” – it was created by residents to stem the creations/ developments of new projects that are bio-hazardous in some way to the environment and to their community! The term was created in the 1980s by Nicholas Ridley who was the conservative secretary of state for the environment. 

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    NIMBy is an acronym that stands for “not in my backyard.”  It is generally used to refer to someone who objects to the construction or opening of an unattractive or undesirable establishment in their neighborhood.  Environmentally speaking, it is associated with people who oppose to the construction of environmentally or socially forward or responsible projects on some sort of aesthetic or moral ground.

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    As other answers have discussed NIMBy stands for “Not in my backyard.” A great example of this kind of thinking is wind power. Most people agree wind power is a good thing, yet almost any effort to erect wind mills is met be opposition from local environmentalists who aren’t opposed to wind power in principle by want the windmills built somewhere else instead of where they live.

    NIMBy and “not in my back yard thinking” are often used as a derogatory terms to describe people who want change but want someone else to make the sacrifices needed to achieve it.

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    It is amazing how pervasive this attitude is. People now are often so disconnected from the physical word that supports us that the industries from which we now live are seen in a negative light. However, the farther away from where we live we push certain industries, particularly energy production, then the less likely we are to be vigilent that these industries are the best they can be. Its a pretty good indicator of the long term viability of a technology if we are willing to live and raise our children in close proximity to those energy production facilities.

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    Not in my back yard in an intriguing concept. People want their garbage and toxic waste to go somewhere, just not anywhere near them. They do not care where it goes, as long as it is far away. Third world countries have no choice but to take this waste due to a lack of income. One of the United States biggest exports is garbage. Great export, would you say?

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