What is Nike Grind?



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    Nike Grind is a material made from old Nike shoes that can be turned into running tracks, synthetic courts, and other surfaces.  

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    Nike grind is essentially your old shoes being sliced up to make new ones. Nike has two facilities that make the material and depending on the facility, the grind is made a different way. At the Oregon facility, they use a “slice-and-grind” technique. Your shoe is cut into three slices – rubber outsole, foam midsole and fiber upper which are then fed through grinders and purified. The Belgium facility grinds up the whole shoe and then is seperated. What each facility ends up with are three kinds of Nike Grind:Nike Grind Rubber, Nike Grand Foam, and Nike Grind Fiber. All these new recycled materials are used for various things from shoes to sports courts.

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