What new products is Honda going to release that are green?



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    One new product that Honda is releasing is the Honda FCX Clarity which is a hydrogen fuel vehicle. It has no carbon emissions, water vapor is the only emission. It gets 60 miles per kilogram of hydrogen and has a driving range of about 240 miles. Compared to previous Honda models it is 397 pounds lighter, 20% more fuel efficient, and is more energy efficient.

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    Two new green vehicles that Honda is going to release are the hybrid versions of the compact Fit and the sporty CR-Z. The CR-Z is scheduled to be released some time next year and the Fit is scheduled to be released in late 2010. These vehicles are to be equipped with the updated versions of Honda’s hybrid technology,the Integrated Motor Assistance, which includes features such as compact size, lightweight and high efficiency. In addition to the release of these cars, Honda is working hard to adapt hybrid technology to mid-sized and large-sized cars. This move will make Honda, the second largest producer of cars in Japan, an even more formidable contender in the hybrid-car race.

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