What is a new paperless toilet?



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    A paperless toilet is similar to a bidet. You press a button which aims a warm spray of water to the appropriate region, eliminating the need for toilet paper. You can adjust the temperature of the water sprayed as well as the the intensity of the spray. After this, there is a button you press for a dryer.

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    A Japanese company, Toto, offers a paperless toilet that includes self-cleaning, heated, and warm air drying toilet seat. Over 70% of the homes in Tokyo have one of these toilets, and tp is considered odd, wasteful, and out-dated. In addition to saving paper, these toilets use about half of the usual water required for conventional toilets.

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    The product was invented in Japan in 1980, meant to be a combination of a toilet and bidet. It dries the user after washing them. Some even have seat warmers. It allows you to change the water temperature of the water that will spray you, and you can control the water strength as well. After that’s done, the dryer begins.

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