What is this new Jay Leno show I keep hearing about?



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    He is trying to move his late show up. A tonight show at an earlier time, a lot of the same old skits you’ve seen on the tonight show will be making an appearance. He thinks it unrealistic to take over the timeslot especially in its first run, but it hopes to win higher numbers in viewership during times when shows like CIA are done their seasons. With normal seasons at 22 episodes and Jay’s new show at about 44.

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    The “new” Jay Leno show that’s about to premier takes pride in its cost-efficient production. NBC will attempt to experiment with this new type of format. If the viewers like it, this would mean more savings for the network since “production costs for the comedy-variety format are incredibly cheap compared with the adult dramas that dominate the 10-11 p.m. slot.”

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    Jay Leno has left his old time slot to move into Prime Time Television. His show will resemble the late show continuing his popular bits like Jaywalking. The new show has been heavily promoted in an effort to drag people away from the dramas usually ruling the 10 o’clock time-slot. The link to view episodes is included (of course interested viewers will have to wait until after the first episode airs.)

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