What is in the new clean air act?



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    The Clean Air Act Amendments of 2010 will tighten regulations for coal mines and implement other air quality standards. It proposes to cut sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury emissions. Their goal is to cut mercury emissions by 90%, SO2 emissions by 80%, and NOX emissions by 53% by 2015. They also hope to strengthen the National Air Ambient Quality standards as a means of reducing these emissions. 

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    Just as a little added bit of information — the Clean Air Act is 40 years old this year!  It is one of the few things we have President Nixon the thank for, since he signed it into law in December of 1970.  The last time there were any significant changes made the legislation was in 1990.  This was largely in response to the problem of increasing Acid Rain, which had only escalated since the onset of the industrial revolution.  It hit a climax in the 1970’s, sparking the Acid Deposition Act in 1980, which put a team of research scientists together to help develop a way to combat the problem.

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