What networking site is better for environmentalists, facebook or myspace?



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    Unless the environmentalists in question are musicians who want to embed music in their profile, Facebook is definitely the way to go.  Facebook has definitely exceeded Myspace’s popularity in the U.S., as well, so there are more people on to network with.

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    For me, Facebook even gives off a greener vibe.  I think it might be due to the maturity level of each sites respective users, but I’ve noticed that more adults, who tend to be more socially and environmentally conscious are on Facebook than on Myspace, which is largely used by teenagers.  Facebook has even been featured by Discovery for having top green Facebook groups.

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    Facebook is more user-friendly and, since it is more popular, it is a better way to reach a greater number of people. The “Events” feature of Facebook makes it easy to organize individuals. I have become a member of different Facebook groups and use these groups to find out about clean up days and volunteer opportunities. I have also posted Facebook group events for potlucks and exchanges.

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