What is neotony?



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    Neoteny is when adults continue to act like kids (aren’t very responsible, etc.) even though they’re supposed to have matured by now.

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    Neotony is a biological term used to describe an organism that matures yet retains some traits/characteristics that is more juvenile in nature.  Neotony is studied in evolutional studies, and there are some scientists believe that humans evolved with traces of neotony.

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    Neoteny is the retention of juvenile characteristics into adulthood (signaled by sexual maturity). There are many examples of neoteny throughout the biological world, from sexually mature larvae in invertebrates, toy dogs, who resemble young or fetal wolves, and humans, a species in which adults retain many of the characteristics found only in the young of other primate species, such as vellus hair. There are also those who have suggested that contemporary man exhibits neotenous behavior, and exhibits child like behavior well into adulthood. This might be the result of formal education, which requires human children and young adults to remain dependent (financially, and otherwise) on there parents for a longer period of time.

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