what is neo-cold war ?



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    The neo-cold war is the descripition of the world post-Soviet, Iron Curtain era.  In this view, there are two ways that the world can develop:

    Mulitpolar World- Russia, India, China and others would like to see this develop.  This would mean that there would be different “poles” of power worldwide, as opposed to just the United States being the only (uni) pole of power.

    Unipolar World- Where one superpower is in control, to a certain extent.

    The term “neo-cold war” was developed by Joseph Strophe.

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    The term neo cold war refers to the state of the world as it exists after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. In this new age different superpowers have risen and fallen, as well as sparking partial trade wars between nations. Countries like China and India have become new powerhouses of their own, becoming evermore influential in their military, domestic, and economic pull. The world seems to be shifting into what known as a multi-polar world, in which all the power and dominance in the world is shift amongst these powerful countries, and not being held solely by the United States.

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