What needs to happen for the world to have a low carbon future?



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    1) An increase in awareness of the harmful effects of carbon
    2) A plan for individuals to lower their own carbon emissions
    3) Further investment in green technologies
    4) Stricter regulations on waste limits of manufacturing companies and plants
    4) Perhaps further incentive programs such as the tax credits for installing solar power in one’s homes

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      Though sacha.idell raises some very valid points, I feel it is important that people be aware of what needs to be fixed…this way they understand where certain tax money is going and why. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts; a “whole” is created by the individuals comprising it…the problem starts at home, if for no other reason than creating more voices.

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    …there’s a bit more to it than that. Rappleg’s suggestions 3-5 are probably quite helpful, but the first two are basically unnecessary, and the real problem comes less from the individual than from the larger whole.

    What we need are really the following:
    -Advancements in green energy
    -Efficient, high quality public transportation
    -International cooperation with a firm political enforcement mechanism in addition to the carrots necessary for the cooperation of nations like China and India.
    -Stricter market regulations on basic household items- changing the market, rather than the buyer, is much simpler and actually feasible.

    There are many, many more prerequisites, but I think I’ve laid out some basic ones that are really a necessity for reduction.

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