What needs to happen to incorporate bio fuel into our infrastructure?



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    One thing that needs to happen to make biofuels more incorporated into modern society is that it needs to be economically competitive with gasoline. The higher price of biofuels makes then less attractive to businesses and individuals that wish to reduce their environmental impact but do not have the financial resources to do so. Where and how the biofuels are grown and harvested should also be considered, cutting down a fertile forest to grow biofuel plants is not a good idea. A biofuel plant needs to be found that can be grown on marginal lands not suitable for agriculture and grown without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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    To successfully switch to biofuel, I think several things needs to happen together. Firstly, we need to find a biofuel that does not cause land-use changes, energy use or carbon emissions that are similar or the same as oil. Some think algae may be the biofuel that has the best potential for development rather than biodiesel or ethanol forms. Then, there needs to be an affordable and widely available biofuel vehicle released to the market. Simultaneously, there needs to be a large number of biofuel filling stations made available to the public. To make this happen here in the US, there needs to be a significant financial backing of a large scale project and a commitment of consumers to buy and use biofuel products.

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