What in nature has been most revered in poetry for its beauty?



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    It’s hard to make a judgment about when nature has been “most revered” in poetry, since that is a super subjective topic. However, some poets have been very prolific in writing poetry about nature. John Keats is one of my personal favorites. His poem “To Autumn” is really lovely.

    I’ve also attached a link to a list of “nature poems”.

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    I’m going to go off on a limb here and get all poetic on everyone…the thing in nature that has been most revered in poetry for its beauty is woman. Even Shakespeare was able to bring about the beauty of a woman by speaking of a woman’s imperfections in Sonnet 130.

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    The Romantic poets made nature a major theme of poetry.  That includes John Keats, like yzezzy mentioned, as well as most of the other major poets of the age.  They revered nature as a place for thoughtful meditation and an escape from their modern lives.  

    The poets who come most immediately to my mind are Wordsworth and Shelley.

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