What is a naturalist?



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    Naturalists are those who believe in the philosophies of naturalism, a religion of sorts that acknowledges and accepts all physical sciences of the universe. It is a particualrly logical philosophy that each person and people as a whole are subject to the laws of the universe. Further, that the universe is a single entity of shared mass and energy and thus we are implied in these laws as agents of cause and effect. These philosphies of oneness and shared energy are considered metaphysical but may have scientific backing in the findingd of quantum physics. 

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    According to Merriam-Webster, a naturalist is defined as “one that advocates or practices naturalism.”  What exactly is naturalism?  Naturalism is really just the understanding reality and how humans interact within that reality.  It understands that science is ever-changing; but naturalism does more than just understand that – it appreciates that.  

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    Naturalism is scientific philosophy that nature and natural forces are what cause the universe to operate rather than super natural forces. Naturalism was also a literary movement in which authors focused on everyday believable things rather than the supernatural or highly symbolic. There is also naturalism in theatre and art. 

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