What is a natural way to get rid of unwanted hair?



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    There’s quite a few natural ways to get rid of hair. Waxing and sugaring have been around since ancient times. They are both similar procedures and natural products can be found. Cloth strips can be reused multiple times (or washed if Sugaring) to cut down on waste.

    Also, threading is a popular technique on smaller areas. It takes a little skill or you can go to a salon. It works by rolling and twisting a cotton thread along the skin. It traps the hair and pulls it out by the root.

    Tweezing is also a natural method best for small areas. Just use the tweezers to pluck out each hair individually.

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    Waxing, sugaring, and threading are three popular natural ways to remove unwanted hair from your body. Waxing involves applying warmed wax to the part of the body with the hair, letting it harden, and then pulling it off so that the hair comes off with the wax. The technique used in the sugaring process is very similar, but the ingredients don’t include wax and are hence usually less painful (Moom makes a sugaring hair removal product). In threading, a cotton thread is rolled against the hairy area to remove the unwanted hairs. If you’ve never done any of these before, you should go to a professional the first time before trying them at home.

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    Sugaring is a natural, inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair. It has been around since the Ancient Egyptians. You make a paste of lemon juice, sugar, and water and heat it to 250 degrees and then let it cool. Rip 1-inch cotton strips. Once the mixture has cooled enough to ot burn you, spread it on yyour skin, place the strips over it and then rip the strips off like a bandage. It is supposedly less painful then waxing.

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