What is the natural habitat of rhino’s?



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    It depends on the type of rhino you are referring to. White rhinos live in savannahs that include water holes and mud wallows.  Black rhinos also like savannahs, but will also live in grasslands and areas of woody vegetation.

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    There are five species of rhinos, two of which live in Africa and three of which live in Asia. Each species of rhino lives in a different habitat.

    -The White rhino (African) lives in the savannah, where there is both tall and short grass.

    -The Black rhino (African) resides in tropical bushlands, where there is taller grass.

    -Indian rhinoceroses (Asian) live near the floodplains of rivers in fertile grasslands.

    -The Javan rhino (Asian) lives in the tropical rainforest.

    -The Sumatran rhino (Asian) can live in rainforests but is more commonly found in higher elevations in dense forests.

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    There are several different species of rhino, and each prefers its own different habitats, but in general rhinos live near waterholes and mud pits, which they enjoy rolling in, and sandy riverbeds. Geographically, they live in south, central, eastern, and western Africa, and some species are found in southeast Asia.

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