What natural disaster is responsible for making the most people homeless every year?



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    Flooding causes the highest number of displaced peoples of all types of natural disaster.  Whether they end up homeless depends on the country in which the disaster occurs.  In a developing country, the individual will most likely end up homeless, however in an industrialized or post-industrialized country, the affected individual will most likely be placed in some sort of temporary shelter courtesy of a disaster relief organization.

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    There is often some overlap in disaster type. Typhoons, hurricanes and earthquakes can result in flash flooding (or a tsunami). As andyyeah verifies, it is the flooding that causes most displacement. While initial structural damage can leave homes/communities unlivable, it is more rare (on a global scale) for this to be the cause of displacement when compared to flooding. When initial structural damage occurs it can often be “quick-fixed” or the damage is minor enough to leave with until repairs can be done (this is assuming the homes have a legitimate foundation and are made of heavier materials). Flooding cannot be lived amongst and can take a long time to dry or be pumped. 

    All disasters are on the rise but “climate-related disasters” have spiked dramatically in the last twenty years. “Climate-related disasters” are classified as storms and floods. In 2008 an estimated 36.1 million people were displaced by natural disaster; 20.3 million were displaced because of climate-related disaster. In 2010 an estimated 42.3 million people were displaced by natural disaster, 38.3 million were displaced from climate-related disasters (UNISDR website). The earthquake in Japan earlier this year was one of the most violent in recent history, yet it was the proceeding tsunami that caused the most death, destruction and displacement. 

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