What is a natural approach to beating the flu?



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    You can try natural remedies like Vitamin C and Zinc to boost the immune system, and Garlic capsules to slow the growth of the virus.  Here are two links that list natural remedies for the flu.

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    Zinc can be used when you have the flu. It boosts the immune system, and may speed up the recovery time. It’s also a good thing to keep in your diet to prevent the flu. Oysters and beef both contain zinc, but multi-vitamins will contain it as well.

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    Also be sure to get adequate rest.  A lot of times people are so busy and on the go, that when you get an illness like the flu, recovery time takes much longer because your body isn’t able to fight it off.  Resting helps rejuvenate the systems of the body and help antibodies fight the foreign substance.

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