What is a natural air freshener?



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    You can use many spices and household products as natural air fresheners. For instance, boiling cinnamon and cloves together creates a great fragrance. Also, pour some vanilla or vanilla extract on a cotton ball. Place the cotton ball on a saucer and put it somewhere in the house. It absorbs odors from around the house. You can also buy potpourri at different stores, which is made of dried flowers and spices.

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    Incense is my favorite way to make my apartment smell nice. It uses natural fragrances like essential oil, barks, herbs, and flowers that are often combined with a combustible material. Burning incense is really effective, but some of the stronger kinds can create a lot of smoke and recent studies have found that frequently burning incense may be bad for your health.

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    I have a garden outside my bedroom window, so I just open my window when my room needs some fresh air. The small of natural flowers really works wonders, and you don’t have to deal with any of the synthetic air fresheners. I also place fresh cut flowers in other rooms throughout my house for the same effect. 

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    Ah, vinegar is a miracle wonder for cleaning and ridding of pungent smells. My mother grows lavender and jasmine and often places cut flowers around the house (like her room and the kitchen) to make it smell great. However, you can also buy natural air freshners from brands like Eco Bella or find some Etsy! I included the link form a seller from Etsy who has an all natural citrus air freshener.

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