What nations will be included in the UN climate bill?



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    Technically only the nations that want to be included. The UN does not possess any real power to enforce its resolutions. To quote the UN website, “the [General] Assembly is empowered to make only non-binding recommendations to States on international issues within its competence”. The General Assembly of the UN is body of all member nations.

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    The above comment is exactly correct as to the reality of the situation, but to give you a more concrete prediction it will likely include most countries, as the vast majority signed the Kyoto Protocol.

    The tricky three are the US, China, and India. China and India will be dealt with utilizing foreign aid funds, most likely, and with the current power the left holds in the US government it’s exceedingly likely that the US will be willing to join in this time around. Of course, this is all highly dependent on the conference in Copenhagen going well.

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