What nations will be hit the hardest with hunger because of global warming?



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    The same ones that are currently being hit the hardest, the developing world, primarily Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Asia. The hottest regions are likely to run out of water the soonest, which is far more serious than running out of food. Once your water runs out, your country is over. It takes only 3 days to die from a lack of water, but 30 days to starve to death. Another factor is to consider is birthrate, the countries that breed the most will have more mouths to feed. If they are already having issues feeding everyone, this just exacerbates the problem.

    A good example is Somalia, which has one of the highest birthrates in the world, no government to speak of, and virtually no resources; currently Somalia exists as a nation of pirates and poor farmers. The fate of Somalia will become the fate of the 3rd world, unless proper steps are taken. The developed world has less to worry about since they have money and technology, which will make all the difference.

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    I came across this very interesting report from Oxfam International, “Suffering the Science: Climate Change, People, and Poverty”, which outlines how climate change is affecting every issue linked to poverty and development from the access to food and water to health and security. Included in this is new research based on interviews with farmers in fifteen countries who talk about how distinct seasons are disappearing leading to failed harvests. This research highlights fifteen countries who are suffering from hunger due to global warming. Examples include Bangladesh, Uganda, Nicaragua, and China.

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