What nationality of people do you think has the greenest mindset?



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    According to an international environmental index, created by Yale and Columbia Universities and presented in Switzerland in January of 2010, Iceland is the greenest nation. The information is compiled from years leading up to 2009 (meaning recent efforts haven’t been included), and uses United Nations committees as sources. Over the years, Iceland has planted new forests, reduced its carbon emissions, and increased use of hydropower and geothermal energy. Switzerland, Costa Rica, Sweden, and Norway are also in the top five, respectively.

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    I think the people that have the greenest mindset are often what we consider “underdeveloped” or “primitive” people. I recently finished the book Born to Run and the tribe of Native Americans that it focuses on are called the Tarahumara. This is a tribe that is mainly isolated in the copper canyons of Mexico and previously had little contact with the outside world.

    These people live with nature and their way of life is green. Their diets consisted mainly of beans and corn (locally grown of course), but there was also instances of game meats, and some dairy. They lived in shelters that are friendly to the environment because their shelters are often found in nature. This is a tribe of Native Americans who basically live off the land and are amazing ultramarathoners. They have very few modern comforts and thus do not need masses of energy. Having no need for masses of energy means no fossil fuel burning, plastic bags being thrown away, or batteries in landfills.

    There are plenty of countries making efforts to be green and I truly believe that they succeed. I think people like the Tarahumara are people that will maybe outlive us all in the end. I think the greenest mindset is to live with nature not just in it.

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    I would think the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway–Scandanavian countries.  They put high taxes on oil after the 1970’s oil price shocks, and funneled the money into developing energy efficient heating, cooling, and transportation systems. There are dedicated bike lanes in every city, and it’s normal to bicycle to and from work, even through the long, cold winters.  People are healthier, more productive, and have a smaller carbon footprint as a result.

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    In the U.S. I think the Amish ({Pennsylvania Dutch or Pennsylvania German) and the Quakers (unrelated to Amish) have the greenest lifestyles.  They are known for living a simple life, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology such as automobiles.  They also live healthier and longer lives overall, with lower rates of cancer, even skin cancer as they work outdoors farming but are generally covered up.  They do have higher incidences of particular genetic disorders since almost all are descended from the original 200 founders. 

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