What is nanotoxicology?



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    Nanotoxicology is the study of the toxic effects of particles at the nano-level (the level of atoms and molecules).  A nanotoxicologist might study, for example, the microscopic particles of sulfur gas to see what ill effects these particles have on tissue at the microscopic level.  Nanotecnology is a large part of human health and safety research.

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    Nanomaterials often have behaviors that are very different than large groups of the material. For example, aluminum, the silvery foil you wrapped some corn in and tossed on the barbecue? Its nanoparticle form is a highly flammable, explosive rocket fuel. Certain carbon nanofibers might be carcinogenic because they pierce the cell and physically muck up your DNA. A nanotoxicologist studies the new health hazards a nanomaterial has compared to its old form.

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