What is the name of the small mammal starting with M?

not muskrat
not marmot


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    What does the animal look like? Can you provide some more information?

    Perhaps you’re thinking of a meerkat?

    Here are a couple of lists of mammals that might help you find what you’re looking for:



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      Yes, Yes, Thank you! it was the Meerkat in Meerkat Manor on TV. Saw them in the Nashville, TN, zoo and forgot their names when putting the pictures in my album. Nice little fellas! Thanks so much.

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    in the U.S. it could be a meadow vole,  Microtus sp.

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      Thanks so much for your response. I was looking for Meercat and did get the answer. Didn’t know we had “Meadow Moles” so all is not lost. Thanks again.

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    Perhaps you are thinking of Marmot?


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      Marmot kept on coming to mind but someone else did supply me with the correct answer which was “Meercat”. Thanks so much for responding. P.S. I met a Marmot face to face riding up the road of Mt. Washington. I think they’re related. Thanks again.

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      Pshhh thats a prairie dog

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    The most common of these is the mouse. Possibly Mickey?


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    Mole rat…


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