What name do you think is most tied to environmental movement?



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    In my opinion, there are two answers for this.  In the overall environmental movement, I think that Rachel Carson is the most thought of name.  You can’t get an introduction to environmentalism anywhere without mention of her name and Silent Spring.  However, in the modern environmental movement, I think Al Gore is the name most readily attached to green movements (not saying that he is the most important, just most identifiable).  The Guardian has a great list of their top 100 environmentalists.

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    I would say that nationally, Al Gore has the most name recognition when speaking about the environment.  However, Al Gore happens to be a very public figure, and his recognition definitely does not discount the people working behind the scenes for environment and climate change activism.

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    For better or for worse I believe it is Al Gore.  He ran for President, he starred and produced an Oscar winning documentary on the environment, and he has constantly promoted and raised money for climate change.  The interesting part of the environment movement is that it is non a homogenous, hierarchical group.  There is no one offical group that represents it, and no one person.  Anyone and everyone can take part, and we see politicians, actors, and scientists moving to the forefront. And thats a good thing.

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