What is Nalgene?



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    Nalgene is a company that makes reusable water bottles. The have products made from plastic, aluminium and stainless steel. They also make plastic storage bottles for laboratories.

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    Nalgene is a big and popular plastic and metal water bottle produce, or water container maker. They also make other outdoor gear. The company’s roots lie in the Boy Scouts which is why they direct their products toward the outdoor aficionado of the world. 

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    Nalgene is a company that makes unbreakable, lightweight, reusable plastic bottles. They also make other products including camelback bladders, storage jars and a variety of different lids for the bottles. 

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    Nalgene is a company that markets outdoor water bottles made of heavy plastic. The composition of the Nalgene bottle’s polyproplylene line has been though to contain endocrine disruptors, causing the company to create new BPA-free Nalgene bottles.

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