What is MSG?



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    MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is a salt of the amino acid Glutamate, and is commonly used by food companies to greatly enhance flavours.  MSG basically tricks the toungue into thinking a certain food is either high in protein or nutritious.  It also has addictive qualities to ensure that you keep coming back for more.  One of the major problems with MSG is that it stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin when there aren’t even enough carbohydrates in the food for it to act on.  This is why you become hungry again so quickly after eating something with MSG in it.  In the end MSG is basically a way for food companies to add less real food and use this as a subsitute.  It is a major concern for most people because excess of MSG can lead to diabetes, obesity, and even ADHD.  

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    MSG is a flavor enhancer often used in Chinese food, canned soup and veggies, and processed meats.  It is considered a excitotoxin which interferes with one’s brain chemistry.  It has been linked to obesity as well as many other conditions.  Although the FDA considers MSG to be “relatively safe,” it should be avoided.  

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