What is the mountain riders alliance?



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    The Mountain Riders Alliance (MRA) is an organization of skiers whose goal is to reduce any environmental impacts the ski industry may cause to their “mountain playground.”  They also strive to educate the surrounding communities on creating sustainable and environmentally responsible ski slopes.  MRA is currently working on a community-supported project in Chugach National Forest, Alaska, to reinvent the Manitoba Mountain Ski Area so that it uses clean energy and minimal buildings.

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    To build on buggirl, the MRA wants to shift focus away from resorts that develop from profit-oriented real estate sales, over-priced restaurants and boutique income. Instead, the MRA wants “mountain playgrounds” that are value-driven, environmentally friendly, and rider owned. The MRA’s defintion of a sustainable playground is

    • Outstanding terrain
    • High on-site renewable energy-generation potential
    • Community involvement
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