What is a mountain lions main diet?



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    Mountain lions have a varied diet and a wide range, so the specifics of their prey preference will change based on what’s available. In much of their range, however, medium-sized ungulates like white-tailed and mule deer make up a significant portion of their diet. However, they are generalists, and will eat what they can — anything from insects to elk (even moose), provided it is meat. According to Wikipedia, cougar populations closer to the equator had a smaller average prey weight (they ate smaller animals).

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    The mountain lion is a carnivore, and is well built to chase and catch difficult prey for meals. According to the San Diego Zoo, their prey varies and is dependent upon where the cat lives. Their diet can consist of pigs, raccoons, deer, squirrels, armadillos, and rabbits among other animals. Bigger mountain lions sometimes will even catch bigger animals, such as an elk or a moose. They have sharp claws and large, powerful hind legs which allow them to run quickly, jump far, and ultimately ambush most of their prey.

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