What is the most versatile car sold today?



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    In the past the Range Rover definitely dominated as the most versatile on and off road vehicle. However, time and time again Subaru has been the go to for the most versatile. The Subaru Outback, Named Popular Mechanics Most Versatile car of 2010, offers the best of the on and off-road worlds. With ample space for getting your projects to the office on mondays and room for 5 people and your dive gear on the weekends the Subaru Outback is unmatched in versatility.

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    That depends on your needs in terms of what kind of fuel is available to you. The Toyota Prius now comes in a plug-in model. Some individuals have played with the car to make it run on hydrogen fuel or ethanol as well. However, those features are not available from Toyota and you would need to find someone to do the conversion for you. Before the Prius was sold in a plug-in model many people added batteries to turn it into a plug-in car. If you don’t like what is on the market, you can always tinker!

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