What is the most unusual plant in North America?



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    I’m going to give my vote to the smooth carrion flower, Smilax herbacea. Not visually so unusual, especially compared to its enormous African relatives, this flower is a vine that can grow from 6-8 feet tall and contains small yellowish green flowers and clinging tendrils (not uncommon to other species). The reason I given it my vote for most unusual is the absolutely rank smell it emits, often compared to that of a dead rat or rotting carcass; hence ‘carrion’ in its name. You might notice the flies hovering nearby after smelling it. It’s native to the eastern parts of North America, and is a great prank for Valentine’s Day, if you needed any ideas.

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    This is my personal opinion – and maybe they aren’t so unusual anymore – but I think that all of the trees that are being developed to harvest for biofuel are pretty interesting!  Here’s one website that tells about a bunch of different kinds – 


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    My vote is the avocado tree. It is such a strange fruit, the creamy fatty flesh isn’t like anything else I’ve ever eaten. Somewhere in a textbook once I read a theory that they evolved as food for ice age megafauna like giant sloths.

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    I think that a lot of species of cacti are very strange looking. Take the Saguaro Cactus (Cereus giganteus) for instance – here’s this very prickly, very sharp looking thing, yet it blooms these lovely, waxy- looking flowers:


    Plus it’s growth patterns are quite strange – it absorbs water, and as it does it swells largely at the base. In this matter its weight can increase by as much as a ton. It’s life span is quite surprising as well – it can live as long as 200 years.

    A feild of Saguaros:

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