What is the most unintelligent animal in the world?



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    I think this question is a tricky one to answer. Even if you exclude worms and insects (though I would say bees and ants are both pretty intelligent), and just look at birds, reptiles and mammals, there isn’t one scale of intelligence to use for comparison. The argument could be made that each animal is extremely well-suited for its environment. Look at a squirrel, for instance – definitely not considered the smartest tools in the shed, but still capable of thriving outside, in all sorts of weather – from harsh winters to boiling summers. I read a discussion on this topic where someone mentioned that if you take a group of 5 healthy, young, American men and placed them in the Amazon Rain forest, they would probably have a very hard time surviving.

    By extension, if one were to try and make a general judgement, presumably species that have been domesticated, or no longer depend on their natural environment for direct survival, would be considered comparatively less intelligent (even here, however, dogs are considered very intelligent, and they’ve been domesticated for millennia). This is substantiated to some extent by the smaller brains domesticated animals have, in comparison with their wild ancestors (see link below). Even if we use brain-to-body mass as an indicator, it’s the tree shrew (and not humans) which has the highest ratio (3% versus humans 2.3%). It’s a very interesting question though.

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    It’s impossible to determine the dumbest animal. But excluding plants, the sea sponge might be in the running, as it is the simplest multi-celled organism, and belongs to the animal kingdom. As water flows through it, the sponge collects oxygen and nutrients and expels waste. Though it is not the only animal that doesn’t have a brain.

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    Homo sapiens ssp. ‘glenbeckianus’, but ssp. ‘rushlimbaughanus’ is a close second.  

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    Humans are the most unintelligent animal in the world by definition. Humans have to instil intelligents by learning from other forms rather then learning from self. Humans had to learn trial and error.

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