What is the most unhealthy fish you can eat?

(Including wild and farm raised)



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    Good question, Anon6710. Doctors commonly recommend eating more fish for the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids they contain, but a recent study conducted by the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center suggests that farm raised talipia are actually bad for you.  They are very low in omega-3 fatty acid levels, and high in the potentially harmful omega-6 fatty acids.  Eating talipia can be worse than eating a hamburger or bacon.

    Hope this helps!

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    Fishes that have higher levels of Mercury are unhealthy for people to consume too much of.  The fishes that have the highest levels of mercury are larger and older sharks, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish. Other fishes like tuna and salmon have higher levels of Mercury as well Different fishes contain different levels of fat in them, but all of them are low fat alternatives to other meats. They aer especially beneficial because they are high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential to body function and not very prevalent in the US diet.

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