what is the most un eco friendly thing that you do?



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    It really depends on who you ask. Some say eating meat is the worst thing because it kills animals and promotes the growth of inhumane farming. Others say driving an SUV because of the emissions they put off. And some say nothing is worse than flying.

    I guess the worst thing you could do would be to open up a power plant fueled by coal. But, I am assuming you mean on a day to day scale. Burning trash is an awful practice that more Americans take place in than you may think. Burning plastics and rubber materials is truly horrible for the environment.

    It really comes down to being conscious about the impact everything you do has on the environment. If you go day to day littering, driving a vehicle that burns a lot of fuel, using excessive paper and plastic products, not caring about water waste, etc. then your impact is going to build up to be pretty substantial. But, if you just always have the thought “is this good for the environment” in the back of your mind, you can make a big difference without having to make drastic alterations to your life.

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    One of the things I do that I feel most guilty about is let food spoil before I get a chance to eat it. It’s usually an accident, but i hate wasting the money and the resources. It can be difficult to eat everything in order in your refrigerator to ensure nothing spoils! 

    Being an artist, I do need to buy supplies a decent amount. I am working on finding more environmentally friendly materials, but jewelry making is difficult. I do have to get beads and wire and things like that. Overall, I would like to buy less than I do and use what I have. Clothing can be a pain too, because I just moved to an area with a different climate and am pursuing my first full-time job, so obviously I’ll need to get a set of clothing to wear to work. Work clothes aren’t quite as easy to find second hand. 

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    1. not eating organic, locally grown, in season foods. Foods that are found in a typical supermarket consume a lot of energy and resources.
    2. Using disposables like plastic bags, utensils, starbucks cups. I have been carrying my own utensils for lunch, but sometimes I forget.
    3. Leaving my computer on for days. I don’t think computers’ energy use is as much as some appliances, but I feel guilty for wasting the electricity because I am too lazy to turn the computer off. 
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    Like the previous answer has said, I’m guilty of not supporting locally grown foods. I usually do back when home where I can access them more readily, however, I haven’t been doing that of lately. Another thing I’m guilty of doing is have the tendency to take long showers. I know how wasteful that can be to our resources and feel awful as I’m typing it down.

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    The worst thing that I do is turn on the heater in my home occasionally I still practice wearing lots of layers, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. After that, I would say not eating locally like majphan. I get lots of local vegetables, but I also have taste for exotic foods from far away.

    I don’t have a car yet, so that will probably become the worst thing I do in the future if I start driving regularly instead of riding my bicycle.

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    I have to admit i make so many unfriendly eco choices. I drive alot, i don’t buy organic food, i keep on buy plastic water bottles, i forget to recycle, i forget to change my fluorescent light bulbs and i sometimes forget to turn off my lights. I am doing my best to change though. Bare with me. 🙂 

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