What is the most un eco friendly taxi you have ever seen?



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    It gets 10 MPG. 

    By contrast, a standard compact, which many taxis are, gets around 32.  

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    That is a pretty creative question, and I like it.  I think the most un-eco-friendly taxi I ever saw was in New York City a couple years ago.  It looked like there were some engine problems, and it was shooting large quantities of black smoke out of its tailpipe, the taxi driver was smoking a cigar, and there were quite a few empty plastic bottles in the front seat.  I don’t know if those bottles found a recycling bin, but I would hazard a guess that they didn’t.

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    I saw a really old, beat up Taxi in New York City in the 90s that probably had to be getting about 6 or 7 mpg the way it was running. Nevertheless, most Taxis in NYC seem to be pretty good on gas and some are even hybrids. Very impressed. 

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    I live in New York City most of the year for school, and I definitely see some really awful old cars occasionally. Some even look like they’re from the 1980’s or earlier, back when fuel efficiency wasn’t really an issue. There are also occasionally SUV taxis, which I think is just excessive and silly. However, it’s truly great that more and more fleets are investing in hybrid vehicles and cars that get high miles per gallon. I see more and more Priuses in New York City every month!

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    New York and Philadelphia are flooded with taxis so I can imagine all the smog that infiltrates the air. I never paid too much attention to how much gushed out of the taxi, I was more concerned with getting to my destination.

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