What is the is the most traded commodity?



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    The most traded commodity is crude oil. According to the Investory Guide, “These commodities are mostly traded in the New York Mercantile Exchange [NYMEX], ICE Futures, the Dubai Mercantile Exchange [DME] and the Central Japan Commodity Exchange.” Crude oil is mainly used as gasoline and as a source of heat. Oil is a very big industry and those who control it are very, very wealthy.

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    Thought this might be interesting. I have read in many places that the biggest export of the United States is garbage. Isn’t that great for our economy. 

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    Interestingly, according to the same source, the second-most traded commodity, in terms of value, is coffee.  This despite the large discrepancy between the number of uses for coffee and the number of uses for crude oil. 

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