What is the most toxic chemical for water?



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    There are four main categories of water contaminants. While all contaminants are harmful in large amounts, most are regulated very strictly. The worst would probably be a microbial pathogen. This include:

    1. microbial pathogens, which can be bacteria, viruses, or parasites that cause serious illness. Contamination is usually due to contact with sewage, bad well seals, or animal waste. Coliforms are helpful indicators of contaminated water but are not harmful themselfs.

    2. Organics: Few organic water toxins are in water but are at a low level that is regulated by strict drinking water standards.

    3. Inorganics: Includes metals that come from industrial facilities, plumbing systems or natural sources

    4. Radioactive Elements: Comes from rocks and soil that contain decaying uranium. It is a greater concern as a gas than a water contaminant.


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