What is the most toxic chemical in our household?



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    Household cleaning products cause the biggest concern when we’re talking about toxins in our homes. There is a whole list of these chemicals such as: 

    Butoxyethanol – aka ethylene glycol butyl ether, used as a carpet cleaner, can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin and can cause blood disorders, kidney and liver damage.

    Ethoxylated nonyl phenols – used in cleaning products, were banned by the EU and Canada. 

    Methylene chloride – used as paint stripper is known to cause cancer.

    Silica – fine ground quartz can be cause cancer when inhaled in a fine dust. 

    Xylene – very toxic ingredient found in graffiti paint and scuff removers, has been proved by scientists to be harmful. 

    Bleach – in itself isn’t dangerous, but when mixed with acids they form deadly chlorine gas. 

    There are some other less common harmful chemicals as well.

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    The most toxic chemical that mostly we can see in the homes are weed and bug killers both fit under this category and should be avoided both inside and outside of your house. These chemical are highly toxic and acn cause many harmful effects to you and your family.

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    •Ammonia is a toxic. It can cause redness, rashes and chemical burns.
    •Chlorine is poisonous as a skin irritant and by inhalation.
    •Phenol is supposed to cause cancer and when it comes in contact with skin can cause it to peel, swell, burn or break out in hives.
    •Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo – The active ingredient is generally perchloroethylene, which is a known human carcinogen.
    •Laundry detergents – can contain many caustic chemicals, remains left in clothing, sheets and towels can cause harsh skin rashes.

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    Yes there are various toxic chemical products our household for cleaning like oxygen bleach, ammonia, silica powder, phenyl and laundry detergent etc which kills dirt but its harmful effects to you and your family so be careful before using these chemical products…

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    At this point there are five chemical reasons to kick out of your house—and the nontoxic alternative that should move about in as an alternative.
    Coal-tar driveway sealant
    Synthetic pesticides
    Antibacterial soap
    Synthetic fragrances
    Harsh cleaning products

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