What is the most technologically advanced airplane that the air force has?



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    Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor in the only fighter plane that is designed to engage in air to air combat and air to ground combat both at the same time. It is described as “the world’s premier 5th generation fighter” (Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2011). The concept for this type of fighting capability from a fighter plane came from an increased survival demand to conduct a variety of missions in order to combat both airborne and ground-based threats (Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2011).

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    The US Air force also has a sort of mini space shuttle called the X-37B which goes up into outer space and does everything on its own without anyone on the ground controlling it.   The Air Force considers the X-37B a “space plane” so I suppose that can count as an airplane.  

    Looking at this topic from a psychological window though, it’s possible that the U.S. Air Force keeps its most advanced technological airplanes a secret due to reasons of national security.  

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