What is the most sustainable way to make ethanol?



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    I’m not sure if it is ethanol created, but I do know algae bioreactors harness solar energy and water to produce biofuel. Corn is not very efficient as it has to be grown year to year, algae reproduces daily and is self sustaining. More energy is produced than consumed in the algae biofuel production. 

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    The most sustainable way to produce ethanol is by the Brazilian sugar can method, as opposed to the U.S. corn ethanol method. There are a few reasons for this. One reason for this is that using corn ethanol creates a food versus fuel debate. Corn is a commonly used as food for both people and cattle, and creating corn ethanol requires alot of land and corn. Sugar is less commonly used as a primary food and does not create this problem. In addition, “Ethanol produced from sugarcane is cheaper to process because it doesn’t need to make the transformation from carbohydrates to sugar, which is then fermented to make ethanol.” These are just a few of many reasons why Brazilian sugar cane is the most sustainable way to make ethanol.

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