What is the most sustainable use of Bagasse?

I’ve been writing on a blog post on bagasse – http://vivbizclub.com/blog/2010/02/02/bagasse/ – and I know it has 3 main uses: fuel for sugarcane mills, pulp for paper, and paperboard for compostable food packaging.

I’m wondering which of these 3 uses is the most sustainable?



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    The first renewable use of bagasse was as fuel. Later, bagasse was used to fuel sugar mills. Bagasse is also used as a type of paper. More recently, bagasse is used for oil absorbency.

    The most sustainable of the 3 you mentioned is probably paper, because the amount of CO2 released by begasse is equal to the amount absorbed by the mill. As fuel, begasse releases pollutants such as particulate matter and ash.

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