What is the most sustainable hotel chain?



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    A website called climatecount.org, who ranks multi-national corporations on their efforts to reduce their carbon footprints, hailed Marriot as the most sustainable hotel chain.  The company has shown a commitment to making decisions that optimize the triple bottom line, people, profit, and planet.  Out of the largest hotel chains in the world, Hilton was the only one who did not raise their sustainability score.

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    Climate Counts is a non-profit organization that rates companies and organizations on their greenness and overall impact on the environment.  Their goal is to bring consumers and companies together in an effort to increase everyone’s awarenss of what it really means to be sustainable.  They also hope to educate both the consumer and the producer in an effort to spur more significant change. 

    That all being said, Climate Counts rated Marriott as the leading global hotel chain that is taking significant efforts to reduce their overall global footprint.  Marriott outranked popular competitors such as Starwood, Hyatt, Wyndham, Hilton, and Carlson.  Each company (with the exception of Hilton) raised their sustainability score over previous year’s scores. 

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    Many major hotel chains in the US and abroad have recently begun embracing more sustainable practices.  Marriott seems to be the leader of the pack these days, having recently been named the Leading Sustainable Hotel Chain by Climate Counts.  This status was granted based on Marriotts recent efforts to improve sustainability in all areas of accommodation, including implementing greener building practices, using safer cleaning products, reducing water and energy use and waste output, and even serving sustainable fish.  Marriott has also contributed financially to conservation efforts beyond their hotel chain.

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