What is the most sustainable college?



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    The University of Colorado at Boulder has been voted by he Sierra Club as the most sustainable college.

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    There are many businesses and organizations who rank universities based on many characteristics of their sustainability operations.

    The Sierra Club, as described in the answer above, (lhttp://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/200909/coolschools/) is one of the most popular listings.

    Another great site is through the Princeton Review. One of the most popular college ranking sites, they create a list each year which highlights the “Green Honor Roll” of universities. The list and brief outline of each school can be found here: http://princetonreview.com/green-honor-roll.aspx. They additionally have added a feature into each school ranking called “Green Rating” (http://princetonreview.com/green.aspx). However, my school got the lowest score on this because we didn’t fill out the required paperwork and our number was based on research done by a random employee. Therefore, the accuracy can be questionable. In the least however, this does provide a ranking for each university.

    However, my favorite is The College Sustainability Report Card (http://www.greenreportcard.org/) which provides what I have discovered is the most in depth and comprehensive listing. My senior project for my major this past spring was about sustainability in colleges and I extensively researched this. This website ranks over 300 schools throughout the United States based on categories such as administration and student involvement, which isn’t always considered in many rankings. Often the only things considered in similar rankings are features such as green buildings and recycling rates, but that website looks deeply into all aspects of how sustainability is successful on individual campuses. It allows for visitors to compare up to ten schools, and of course allows for a ranking system. Having graduated from college and having spent lots of time fighting for sustainability efforts on campus, I think that this website analyzes all factors essential for sustainability to thrive in a college setting.

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