what is the most successful program for getting African Nations clean drinkable water?



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    The H20 Africa Foundation is a program that generates awareness about the water crisis in Africa through internet media and documentary films, and funds projects for clean water in communities along the Sahara.  An organization called Water For People has the goal of eliminating water-born illness related deaths from human civilizations anywhere in the world.  In 2008, the organization generated 31,680 beneficiaries to assist sanitation in Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda.

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    I think the Ethos campaign by Starbucks is helping reach out to the masses and educate them.  How many people do you know who visit a Starbucks?  How many of them on a regular or somewhat-regular basis? When the bottled water sits out in front of you as you stand in line, it’s hard NOT to notice it.  The Ethos company was founded after two gentlemen traveled to South Africa and recognized an urgent need to improve the water quality of people in Africa and around the world.  Starbucks is aiming to donate $10 million over 5 years, in addition to raising awareness about the issue.

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