What is the most startling fact you have learned while answering or reading questions on GreenAnswers.com?

I found mine on here yesterday: The Algalita Marine Research Foundation learned that “broken, degraded plastic pieces outweigh surface zooplankton in the central North Pacific by a factor of 6-1. That means six pounds of plastic for every single pound of zooplankton.”




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    Answering questions on GreenAnswers, made me come upon the word “upcycing.” I learned that it was better to upcycle than recycle. Although, due to the cost of production it is hard to upcycle most of the products we consider as trash. Recycing is a great process too! Recycing can be hard to achieve due to all the misplaced trash that does not belong in the recycing bin. It’s hard to decompose all non-recycing items. I also learned the importance of solar panels. Third-world countries are implementing them into rural villages to inrease sustainable living areas for the poor. I also learned about green products and where to buy them at! 

    The most startling answer i found was how climate change is linked to human trafficking! Due to the droughts and increase temperatures in certain areas, it increases human trafficking indirectly. What climate change has done to people’s lives is quite amazing and hard to believe. 

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