What is the most socially responsible zoo in the world?



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    I’m tempted to say that the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park are the most socially responsible, as I used to volunteer there, and am a bit bias. However, they grow most of the food for their animals on site, and have wonderful composting and recycling programs there. In addition to this, they also take incredibly good care of the animals in their zoo, and make sure to teach the public useful and easy to accomplish ways to help the environment.

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    That is all a matter of opinion. There is no definite answer to that question. I didn’t even find a ranking for the most socially responsible zoo. It’s subjective really. What I consider a responsible zoo, you may not.

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    I agree with tinkerbell — there is really no tangible way to measure the social responsibility of a zoo.  I happen to disagree with zoos even being around because I believe all animals should live in their wild habitat and not be paraded around for the amusement of humans. 

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