What is the most serious problem of present transportation and what are the solutions?



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    I think that the most serious problem with our present choice of transportation is our current reliance on unrenewable sources for power. Even electric cars that are omitting zero C02 emissions are still dependent on fossil fuels for energy. The best sloutions for this problem, in my opinion, is to support companies that are pushing the manufacturing of vehicles from 100% renewable sources such as biodiesel.  

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    As nellieliz4 mentioned, our dependence on non-renewable fuels is a big problem. However, I would argue that electric cars are a big part of the solution because the cost of renewable sources of electricity is going down.

    Bicycles are also a really good choice, and I think that it is a shame that people use cars for trips less than five miles. If people rode bicycles for exercise instead of going to indoor gyms or watching an exercise video, we could also save electricity for longer trips when people really need it.

    As for biofuels, I do see the potential for limited application of those. However, I think that sticking to Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) is better than tying up land that we should be using for food production or cutting down more forests to grow biodiesel crops. My uncle uses filtered WVO from his favorite restaurants to power his car. Since restaurants cannot legally use their frying oil twice, it should definitely be harnessed for powering long-distance vehicles.

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