What is the most reusable resource in America?



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    There are a lot of renewable sources of power around, it is just up for us to use them. Wind power is almost limitless, as is hydro power. There is a lot that we can use, we just need to make them more of a priority. 

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    Solar is a more constant renewable energy source than wind because wind is mostly seasonal, while the sun has the ability to show itself year round. 

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    If the question actually means “reusable” rather than renewable, then we are not talking about solar and wind and hydro.

    I don’t know what the “most” reusable resource is, but a great many metals, such as aluminum, copper, steel, lead, silver and more, are all readily recyclable and thereby reusable. In fact the greatest source of some metals in the US is recycling – especially valuable for things like nickel, cobalt, and aluminum for which the US has no significant reserves in nature.

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    Most of nature is reusable– if it is used correctly. Nature has an incredible ability to recycle as long as it is not destroyed by improper use. Nature is very effective at reusing itself and in the process benefiting many forms of life. Look at a typical tree for example it can be used to provide shade and protection with its foliage, food, and a home to many species.  The tree’s waste is converted into nutrients by various processes to further promote the life of the tree and the ecosystem that it is apart of.

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