What is the most powerful waterfall in the world?



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    The answer to this question is a little complicated because I am unsure exactly what your definition of powerful is. There are several possible answers to your waterfall inquiry. A website devoted to Frequently Asked Questions about waterfalls is http://www.world-of-waterfalls.com/waterfalls-faq.html. The website does answer this question.

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    There are three common answers that are given to the question of what is the most powerful. Iguazu Falls, Niagara Falls, and Victoria Falls.

    For pure height and volume transferred into the force of the waterfall as it hits the lowest part in its fall, Niagara Falls wins at the Horseshoe section and Iguassu Falls at The Devil’s Throat section. They have a great deal of volume being subjected to a long fall. This leads to a great deal of energy from the Earth’s gravitational pull.

    There is one other criterion that might be considered. Murchison Falls in Uganda has the great Nile River compressed into a tiny crevice in the rock only 6m wide. This creates a gargantuan amount of pressure, likely ejecting the water with more force than all of the big top three. This Chute Type Waterfall makes many consider Murchison Falls to be the World’s Most Powerful Waterfall.

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